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King’s Quest V – Songs of Serenia

Thank you to everyone who has supported the project for the vinyl!

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Based on the wonderful and enchanting themes originally composed by the legendary Mark Seibert and Ken Allen, “King’s Quest V – Songs of Serenia” transports you back to the magical world of King’s Quest V, poisonous snakes and all – but more vivid and lifelike than ever before.

Utilizing some of the best orchestral samples available, as well as live performances and ambiance, producer and arranger Erik Elsom has painstakingly reorchestrated the score using the game’s original MIDI data, but many of the pieces have been re-mixed to accentuate the already-iconic composition and writing of the original composers.

Says Erik: “This project is nine months in the making and is my pride and joy. I’m excited to share it with you on this beautiful set!”

This heavy-duty, dual-color transparent, double record set comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with high quality artwork by the great Bruce Brenneise (covers & gatefold) and former Sierra artist Al Eufrasio (center label art).

This is a fully fan-made project that has garnered a lot of community support over the entire course of production and many artists have contributed to it to make it into something really special.

Contributing artists include:
Sarah Kelley (vocalist)
Jon Paul Sapsford (mastering)
Bruce Brenneise (sleeve/gatefold art)
Al Eufrasio (album center art)
Steve Coupe (cover design)

Special thanks to:
The Space Quest Historian
Roberta Vaughan
Brandon Blume
Alistair Gillett
Ken & Roberta Williams
Ken Allen

This record was released by Two Guys Records in collaboration with Magic Map Studio.
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-Completed Projects-

– King’s Chill Vol. 2 –

A sequel to the community project led by Space Quest Historian (SQH)
Magic Map Studio was offered the opportunity to contribute a track and kindly accepted!

Nectar Of The Gods!
(A Lo-Fi track based on the Oasis them in King’s Quest V, originally written and produced by Ken Allen)

Commentary by yours truly:

Some copies of this vinyl are still available at:
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